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In the Greater Binghamton, NY area, including Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal, Owego, and the rest of Broome and Tioga counties.


You’ve probably watched Whose Line Is It Anyway and thought to yourself, “Drew Carey looks horrible in a suit.” Well, I have nothing to add there. But you’ve probably also thought to yourself, “I’m funnier than Drew Carey. I could do this improv stuff!” Well, the time has come to prove it, Mr./Ms. Funnypants. These people did:


 Improv Students 1

Under Tim’s tutelage, they became much funnier.


My eight-week workshop draws on the skills I’ve learned during years of creating, directing, and performing in improvisational comedy troupes. The goal of the class is to give you a comedic “toolbox” to use in creating improvisational scenes. Each week we’ll focus on a different tool to give scenes direction, energy, and flavor. After the final week of the workshop, we stage a special performance for the public and your invited friends and family, so you can show off what you’ve learned.  Each class begins with warm-up exercises, followed by three or more improv games. Time is also set aside for discussion of scenes, with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.


Improv Students 2


So did these guys. Now they’re flame-retardant and more fun at parties.


The workshop concludes with a public performance to strut your comic stuff for family and friends!


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Click here for details on the instructor’s improv and acting experience.




Improv comedy workshops taught by Tim Mollen in Binghamton, NY

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